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ONYX Portable HD OCR

ONYX Portable HD OCR
ONYX Portable HD OCR
ONYX Portable HD OCR
ONYX Portable HD OCR
ONYX Portable HD OCR
ONYX Portable HD OCR
ONYX Portable HD OCR
ONYX Portable HD OCR
ONYX Portable HD OCR

Powerful and Portable HD Magnification with OCR!

The ONYX Portable HD with OCR comes with OpenBook Scanning and Reading software to convert the text on documents to clear, human-sounding speech while also been able to run ZoomText at the same time (ZoomText is sold separately).

The Onyx Portable HD sets up quickly and easily when connecting to your PC and your Monitor to deliver smooth video over USB 3.0 while working seamlessly with screen magnification software like ZoomText and your Openbook. The GEM software included in the package enables you to work in a split screen and save images to your PC. Or connect to a monitor and save images to an SD card.

ONYX Portable HD OCR offers a sleek foldable and compact body to fit the lifestyle of students and professionals. It can be easily carried from home to the school room or the office.

The Onyx Portable HD OCR can be used just with a screen to offer Crisp and Clear Magnification from the whiteboard to your desk for meetings or study. The 3-in-1 lightweight, flexible camera provides document reading, distance viewing, and self-viewing modes.

Connected to either a monitor or a PC, the ONYX Portable HD OCR provides the comfort and productivity of stationary desktop models with HD image quality, wide magnification ranges, 33 configurable screen colour modes and adjustable reference lines and masks. Auto-focus allows for seamless work between distance and close reading tasks and the Find function allows the user to quickly locate and zoom in on the next area of interest.

The low vision assistive technology allows the user to enhance their remaining vision and regain their independence.

Onyx Portable HD OCR (text-to-speech) may help in various daily tasks in patients with many different eye conditions.

  • Foldable and easy to carry
  • Easy - to - use remote control
  • Customizable high-contrast colours
  • Save your images to an SD card
  • Connect to a PC or monitor
  • Document, distance and self view
  • Scan and read aloud with OpenBook
  • Reading lines, masks and shades
  • Colour boost contrast
  • Magnification - 1.8x to 138x continuous (based on a 22 Inch monitor)
  • Weight - 1.95kg
  • Dimensions (collapsed) - 10.7cm x 34.3cm x 13.5cm
$2,570.00 USD
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