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About Us

Barry Burgess started the business in 2002 as a Sole Trader. The business grew rapidly and in July 2003 the business became a registered company with Lynda Burgess joining as an official business partner. They started the business by working from their private residence and in 2007 Pacific Vision purchased business premises in Christchurch which they currently operate from. Since those early days the business has expanded and we now sell products in the Malaysia, Philippines, Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Indonesia. Their original goal in 2002 was to achieve a business where their clients will have confidence in their integrity and reliability. We are achieving this by providing timely service at realistic prices.

Pacific Vision Malaysia (PVM) was established in 2014 to diversify the range of products available to benefit the blind and sight impaired. Combining quality with the latest technology PVM offer an extensive range of CCTVs, handheld magnifiers, Braille equipment and much more. We work in partnership with renowned organisations Malaysian Association for the Blind and Malaysian Foundation for the blind in Malaysia to ensure that you get the most upto date information and equipment suitable for your specific requirements. Want to know more about Malaysian Foundation for the Blind, click here to visit their Website. For further information on the Malaysian Association for the blind, please visit

Pacific Vision is a leading provider of hardware and software for blind and sight impaired technology users. We travel the world to source the best products that support people with low vision. Everything we sell is specifically designed to improve life at work, study and home. "We are one of the biggest companies in our field, have the widest range of products and we believe we offer you the best service and competitive pricing". We continually search for new and innovative equipment, enabling us to offer the best choice to our customers. Customer feedback is welcome and we pass on constructive ideas to our suppliers to factor into new products and designs.